Desert Garden United Church of Christ “WE LOVE, CARE, SHARE AND SERVE” Worship Service - Sundays - 9:30 am
Desert Garden United Church of Christ“WE LOVE, CARE, SHARE AND SERVE” Worship Service - Sundays -  9:30 am

"Uppity Women of the Bible" continues 

 Monday, October 30 10AM

This DVD-based session featuring Dr. Lisa Wolfe and led by Swanee Pringle  focuses on Esther, the young Jewish woman who became Queen of the Persian empire and through her wits and courage saved her people from genocide.  Desert Garden UCC Fellowship Hall, 18818 N. 128th Ave, Sun City West.  No charge.


Pastor led Fall Bible Study Presentation

Theme: Journey toward Spiritual Evolution

Thursdays at 10am

As Christians, we need to live a life of distinction. We do not want to be “barcode” Christians who do not care what is in the box because only the label matters, or that Christianity is just “fire insurance” from hell. We are all on the Journey. Buddha said that people with opinions just

go around bothering each other. Without the Spirit's involvement, the Bible's pages would lay still, moving your life no more than a dictionary or encyclopedia. The Bible is incited with truth and vision for every corner of our lives and for the whole world we live in. No matter where we are on our journey, there is an infinite stretch of knowledge and understanding before all of us. That means no matter how much we think we know about the Bible, God, and the Spirit, we always only know a part. There is a kernel of truth inside all of the sacred myths of our world cultures or the

latest evidences on the horizon. But, none of them could possibly tell the whole story.  We have to end the apathy, arrogance, confusion, and falsehoods coming out of the church. The Why of studying the Bible is to bring our mindsets in line with God’s truth. We cannot ignore the Bible’s relevance in history or in our personal lives. The study of the Bible matters! We must study the Bible because it is the foundation for life. God even commands us to study His Word as the priority before we do anything else (Deut. 6: 6-9). 



October 19. The Golden Rule – The Same in All Religions?


October 26. Incarnation. The manifestation of Spirit in nature. Respecting the worthiness of  humanity. God’s spoken word became flesh, the meaning of existence became flesh, and the Word (Scripture) became flesh. In the embrace of our shared Divine Nature comes the anticipation of  potential.


November 2 The difference between Grace and Karma. Grace defies reason and logic. Love  interrupts, if you like, the consequences of our actions.


November 9. Darwin, the Theory of Evolution, and the Bible. Can a Christian become an  evolutionist? The six days of Creation. The world as a co-worker with God. The restoration by the Protestant world of the pagan prejudice of the passive matter.





Worship Service,

Sundays at 9:30am 

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Pastor led Fall Bible Study Presentation

Theme: Journey toward Spiritual Evolution

Thursdays at 10am 

(details under Bible Study tab)

Book Signing Sunday, October 29

Our very own member, Bob Bennett, authored “The Other Viki,” 

an intriguing story of an identical twin separated at birth.

He will be presenting his book following the Worship Service at 10:30am in the Fellowship Hall.


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