Desert Garden United Church of Christ “WE LOVE, CARE, SHARE AND SERVE” Worship Service - Sundays - 9:30 am
Desert Garden United Church of Christ“WE LOVE, CARE, SHARE AND SERVE” Worship Service - Sundays -  9:30 am

Message from the Pastor



Luke 5:1 - 11


           In our text today, a single word has changed a situation in a multitude of ways; entire dialogues, entire situations, and even an entire world. This simple word is NEVERTHELESS. The meaning of it is, although the person does not want to yield, or concede, to circumstances, he has submitted ones own will through the power of ‘nevertheless’.


Often we seek the big fishing story, but the fishing story was only the beginning, not the prize. The interesting thing about Jesus is that He does not want to give you a good story; He wants to transform your life. Look at what happened with Peter. Jesus took a loud mouth            fisherman and made Him into the leader of the Early Church. Simon Peter really did not want to throw his nets out again. His own expertise told him there was no reason to try again. Simon had tasted futility, but trusted in the faithfulness of the Master.


Once again, THE POWER OF ‘NEVERTHELESS’ had worked its magic: “Lord, we’ve worked these waters all night long and haven’t caught a thing…but in spite of all that…”  It was this “Nevertheless” that, in the Greek form, served to mark a transition to something new.”  Peter’s words did not end there. "...But on the ground of Your word, I would lower the nets again." I have wondered what things God has asked us that we would do that we have not done. Not theorize, scrutinize, or religionize. Just do it. While we are reasoning, and questioning, and calculating, we are disqualifying ourselves for the miraculous.


There is an old saying that is right. "It is always to soon to quit!"  What I want to point out to us, both as individuals, and as a church body, is the power and strength that lies in a simple word: NEVERTHELESS, to move from the carnal to the spiritual. THE POWER OF ‘NEVERTHELESS’ has the ability to change everything: It changed a dialogue, a situation, and an entire world, from a negative into a positive by becoming a transition point. It can change things for us as individuals and as a church body. It can change a dialogue, a situation, and eventually, an entire city, a nation, and yes, even a world.


We have to realize that self-efforts, self-wisdom, self-ability, and all of our religious traditions and experiences, as spiritual as they seem to be, cannot alone bring us to our destiny. The main question is: Is your Now (Present) from the Past, or is it from the Future?  God has put upon us the Holy Spirit that we can reach our destiny, because our destiny is in the realm of faith and the power of God, Who holds the Future.


I want God to pour out His miracles upon my and your lives in such a manner that we will have to give most of it away because it is just too much for us to hold. I want those windows of Heaven to open and for God to pour out His power, His glory, His presence in such a                  manifestation that it not only supplies all that we need, but that it fills us to overflowing and then flows on out to touch everyone around us!


Pastor Sam



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Pianist Nicole Pesce will perform at Desert Garden at 6:30 p.m. on February 12.  Pesce began composing at age 11 and now has written over 300 compositions. The Arizona Republic has described her as “One of the top 10 musicians in the valley.”

            A dinner will be served in the social hall at 5 p.m. prior to the concert.  Cost for the dinner is $10 and prepaid reservations are required.  Reservations must be made by Thursday, February 7 NOON at the church office for the dinner.  For those not attending the dinner, there is no cost, the sanctuary doors will open at 6:10 p.m. for the recital.


NEW Bible Study:

“Come Journey with Paul” through the New Testament World

Beginning Thursday, February 21st when we take off on our journey.

A DVD study of 7 weekly sessions will enlighten us in the missionary journeying of the Apostle Paul.  In Fellowship Hall  10:00AM , February 21st (First Session).

Dr. Sam Sawitski and

Swanee Pringle will lead.

Open to all, no charge but please let us know if you plan to attend so we have enough material for everyone.  623-584-1795



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